Metal Roofing Is A Durable Roof Option

Metal roofing systems are another popular choice for both residential and commercial roofing projects. Metal roofing systems are available in copper, galvanized painted steel and aluminum. Both exposed fastener and concealed fastener systems, are available. The costs can vary based on which metal roof is best for your particular project needs. With the growing threat of fires throughout the dry condition in California, metal roofs are becoming more popular due to their fire resistance quality.

Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing offers increased performance caused by the latest innovations in metal roof painting systems and coating technology. Most metal roofs today use specialized steel bearings, which virtually eliminates concerns about rust and corrosion. Also, metal roof painting systems have outstanding resistance to fading and cracks in the toughest conditions and can provide maximum protection from harmful UV rays. A metal roof also has great resistance to wind and weather meeting the country’s strictest wind, fire, and impact protocols. Many metal roofs last three to four times longer than asphalt tile roofs. For our environmental conscience consumers, a metal roof meets the criteria of recycled material content and energy efficiency. Metal roofing is one of the most energy-efficient roofing systems. Tests show that you can save up to 40% on cooling costs with a metal roof.
Selecting a metal roof is an environmentally conscious solution. Additionally, if you already have a metal roof installed, Vision Roofing can do repairs and maintenance services.

Sleek & Contemporary Standing Seam Panels

With a 1.5″ high standing seam rib and all concealed fasteners and attachment clips true standing seam panels are sleek and clean looking. We always recommend stiffening ribs in the pan section of the panel as it helps to alleviate any oil canning of the product due to variations in the underlying deck assembly. We have panels available from a number of excellent manufacturers to fit your needs. Panels are available in Galvalume, Aluminum or Galvanized core steel with factory Kynar 500 finish in a variety of colors.