Roof Repair Service

Most contractors are ready to sell you on a new roof, even if the problem can be fixed and your roof still has life left. While roof replacements are necessary, especially if the roof has aged or has multiple problem areas, here at Vision Roofing, we are a full service roofing contractor and we are happy to provide repair services on your home, business, or multi-family buildings.
With California weather, you just never know when there is going to be a roofing problem and all of a sudden you find yourself in an emergency repair situation. People all too often notice staining on their ceiling and disregard it. Your roof is one of the most important parts to keeping up with your properties integrity and providing safety for your most valuable possessions: your family or business. Over the years, we have just about seen it all, and relish the opportunity to help all types of residential and commercial property managers and owners when they are surely in need the most. We are available to handle emergency tarp-overs where situations warrant and our services range from small roof repair to large roof replacement.

Regular Roof Repair Services:

  • Missing Shingles and Tiles
  • Broken/Damaged Shingles and Tiles
  • Leaks
  • Vent Repair/Replacement
  • Rotting Wood/Fascia
  • Nail Pops, Caulking and Other Minor Repairs
  • and Much More

Emergency Roof Repair Services:

  • Tree Removal Emergency
  • Tarp Over
  • Emergency Board-Up
  • Underlayment Replacement
  • Temporary Roofing Repairs
  • Entire Roof Replacement
  • Cartage and Disposal
  • Clean-Up
Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofing systems are becoming an even more popular choice amongst residential homeowners in California as well as commercial properties. Because metal roofs are durable, require minimum maintenance and are attractive, the popularity has increased dramatically the last few years. While metal roofs are built to last, even the toughest metal roofs may need a repair down the line. A properly installed metal roof can save you thousands of dollars over the years as they’re energy efficient and eventually pay you back the investment you put into installing a metal roof on your home.
Some common issues with metal that need repaired are: blow offs, leaks, punctures and tears. Fortunately for homeowners and commercial property owners, there are a number of ways to reduce the chance that metal roofing problems will occur to begin with. First, make sure your roof is installed properly by a licensed professional metal roofing contractor. Once your metal roof is installed, a little bit of maintenance can really go a long way. Have your metal roof inspected and maintained to ensure the longevity of your roof.
If your home is needing a metal roof repair, you’ve come to the right place with Vision Roofing. We would be happy to come out to your home or commercial property and give you a free estimate and in the event you choose us as your roofing contractor, we stand by our work – your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Tile Roof Repair

Roof Leaking? Tiles broken, chipped or sliding? Fix your tile roof today with tile roof repair in California.

Here at Vision Roofing we are firm believers that the roof is the single most important component of a home. Tile is a popular roofing system in California and chances are there are many homes in your neighborhood with tile roofing systems. Tiles are aesthetically pleasing and are considered to be highly durable. Cement or concrete roof tiles perform great in California’s climate because they will not rot, curl or burn, and they have a high level of energy efficiency.
Vision Roofing is proud to be a tile roof repair specialist. Our trained roofing professionals are experienced with all different shapes and styles of tile on both residential and commercial customers roofs.

Shingle Roof Repair

For most people the roof is an afterthought – that is – until it starts to leak. That little stain on the ceiling can turn into a huge shingle roof repair, and subsequently a huge break in your wallet. Vision roofing systems stand up to extreme weather tests throughout the year.
That little stain could indicate that there is a larger problem going on and the professionals here at Vision Roofing can diagnose the problem for you with a free shingle roof repair estimate.
When caught early enough, a small stain or leak can be diagnosed and repaired quickly.
If your shingle roof has not met the end of its lifespan, a small investment in a quality shingle roof repair can extend the life of the roof by a few more years. This extension can you give you plenty of time to budget a shingle roof replacement.
When your shingle roof is in need of a repair, we will come out to your home or commercial property and evaluate whether it is cost effective to repair versus replace your shingle roof and give you a free no obligation estimate for any repairs.

Flat Roof Repair

Vision Roofing performs roof inspections for both residential and commercial buildings. We perform a full 17-Point Inspection. We will leave you with a written report on the condition of your roof, pictures of any problem areas and a written estimate for any suggested repairs, and we won’t pressure you for the job. That’s our promise!


Vision Roofing also provides maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers. Yearly maintenance on your roof has proven to be a great way to keep up with any issues before they turn into bigger costly repairs in the future. Think of it like an oil change to your car, the more you take care of it, the better it runs. We would be happy to set up a maintenance schedule for your property to keep it lasting for many years to come.