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At Vision Roofing, we strive to reduce your overall roof life cycle costs, working to get you the most out of your roofing system. Let Vision Roofing be your roofing contractor not only for your major roofing projects but also your routine roof maintenance.
Did you know? A roof coating may be a viable solution to extending the life of your roof for an additional 5-10 years. Roofing coatings with highly reflective SRI (solar reflective indices) can also reduce heat uptake by the building and lower your energy costs. FPL rebates may be available to help pay for the costs of adding a roofing coating to your existing roof.
Contact us to for a free evaluation of your roofing system. We can offer the best roofing maintenance package and/or coating to fit your needs. We have service and maintenance agreements for both commercial and residential roofing systems and pride ourselves on both saving you money and getting the longest lifespan out of your roof.

Silicone Coatings Applicators in CA

Silicone coatings are heat-resistant rubber-like materials, which serve as vapor permeable airtight and waterproof barriers, protecting surfaces from moisture and corrosion. These types of coatings are used to protect and decorate sheet metal used in commercial building constructions. When applied to a painted substrate, silicone coatings improve the paint’s resistance to deteriorating. Additionally, contractors apply silicone coatings for roofing applications on steel and concrete substrates in new construction structures and for building repair and maintenance.

A High-performance Roof Coating

Silicone is a single-component, moisture-cured silicone coating for commercial and industrial roof applications. The product is petroleum- and solvent-free so it is easier on the environment (and the applicators) while still offering the same functionality as traditional petroleum-based roofing materials.

Save Time & Money

Replacing an existing flat roof is costly and labor intensive. With Silicone, an existing roof can be restored without incurring needless expenses or interrupting the daily operations of a business.

Extends The Life Of A Roof
Silicone is an elastomeric coating that creates a uniform, seamless surface remaining flexible even in low temperatures.
In some cases your roof might require an infrared inspection to see if there are any areas that have excess saturation in the roofing membrane. If you find any saturated or problem areas they must be repaired by removal and replacement. Then the whole roof surface will be power washed to remove any potential contaminants. Once the primer installation is complete, the seams of the membrane will be reinforced. Then the silicone is rolled or sprayed over the full roof surface.


Here at Vision Roofing, we restore roof systems to their original working order thus offering massive savings to the facility managers and owners saving them from costly roof repairs and complete replacements. Many flat roofs might appear to be in good shape at first glance but a deeper inspection with infrared might reveal other issues. Installation of a silicone membrane will extend the life of your roof by many years.